Someday Farms looks to help their Community regain a Healthier Lifestyle

“There’s enough backyards. I think we need to go back to that. We can raise our own food.”

Rojer Moody knew that food insecurity was a major problem in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. It has had a major impact on the lives of residents. Rojer had a dream to create Someday Farms, his own farming business, so that he could provide his community with nutritious, homegrown food. However, Rojer discovered that consumers often find healthy choices, like purchasing fresh produce, to be unaffordable.

Luckily VeggieSNAPs, a nutrition incentive program piloted with the support of national nonprofit Wholesome Wave , allows consumers to access fresh, local food at the farmers market where Rojer sells his produce. This program doubles the buying power of SNAP (food stamps) at farmers markets when spent on fruits and vegetables, enabling low-income consumers to purchase more fresh food for less. Thanks to the program, Rojer has noticed a significant increase in the foot traffic around the market, as well as higher produce sales.

Moody loves how this program has created regulars who come to the market on a consistent basis. It has given people confidence to purchase more fresh, local, and homegrown food. Rojer believes this will help place a higher value on nutrition and healthy eating in his community, and he marvels at how much the program has made his business boom.

This story was originally gathered by Jess Holler in Columbus, OH.




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