Fidelco Guide Dog Provides Veteran with Independence

Gary Traynor developed cone rod dystrophy while serving in the United States Air Force, resulting in a medical discharge. Instead of letting vision loss slow him down, he dedicated much of his life to helping those going through similar situations.

He began working with organizations where he could improve the lives of others who were blind. Gary has been the president of the Blinded Veterans Association for ten years and has served on the Wisconsin Council for the Blind Board of Directors for nine years. He also offers his time and knowledge to local civic groups.

While talking with staff from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation at a Blinded Veterans conference, Gary realized that a guide dog was exactly what he needed to help him maintain his active lifestyle. After applying to Fidelco, Gary was matched with German Shepherd Guide Dog “Reuben.”

“Traveling with Reuben is night and day from going out with my white cane,” says Gary. “I am much more independent and mobile now. Reuben is so responsible and I enjoy our partnership. Fidelco made the perfect match.”

Gary runs a rental business in Wisconsin and does most of the remodeling work himself. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and being with his family. With the help of Fidelco and Reuben, Gary Traynor has sustained a consistently positive attitude. He lives his life by the mantra, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Gary Traynor Pic 2 600

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