New Vehicle Gives Injured Veteran Free Reign on Her Farm

As a single mother and the sole proprietor of Dot Ranch in the Cascade foothills of Oregon, Mikey Clayton was struggling to complete her daily tasks. Mickey served seven years in the Army and was medically discharged when she suffered a permanent leg injury while on tour in Iraq. Her injury, combined with the steep and slippery terrain of the foothills, has made maintaining the ranch extremely difficult.

Mickey decided that she needed help, so she reached out to Work Vessels for Veterans (WVFV), an organization that provides veterans with equipment and machinery to aid them in their normal duties. Due to her inability to ride a horse and the failure of basic machinery to move around the rough terrain, WVFV provided Mickey with a new All-Terrain Vehicle.mickeyclayton-masthead

With her ATV Mickey is able to maneuver around her ranch with ease. She is able to properly maintain her fence line and up-keep and herd her Navajo Churro sheep, which are not a commonly raised breed. Mickey now hopes to expand her farm to farther pastures so she may better provide for her daughter, and to keep her business successful.

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