Edible Lessons

This is a side of New Orleans we haven’t yet seen, where the hot, humid blaze of summer fuels the growth of crops; crisp fall air signals harvest season; and a bitter winter is warmed by thoughts of an upcoming spring season of family and community events to celebrate students, gardens, and FOOD!


In this mecca of Creole cuisine, we learn that Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (a signature program of FirstLine Schools) works with some of the most under served children in the nation. Edible Schoolyard brings seed-to-table garden and culinary education into non-traditional learning labs, like outdoor classrooms and teaching kitchens. They serve nearly 3,000 students across four FirstLine K-8 schools. We know that poverty and trauma directly correlate to malnutrition, food insecurity, and disease, and FirstLine Schools aims to combat those effects through its programs.


Edible Schoolyard also works to maximize impact in the community with food-related events throughout the year. We look forward to visiting New Orleans again for a few of the many fun-filled happenings, like Family Food Nights, where families cook healthy meals together in the teaching kitchen and take home groceries to replicate the meal, Family Garden Days, Watermelon Days, citrus and strawberry tasting events, and best of all, the annual Sweet Potato Fest at Arthur Ashe Charter School, featuring a neighborhood parade, sweet potato harvest and cook-off, and tater-themed arts and crafts!


Learn more about FirstLine Schools and its signature Edible Schoolyard program.

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