Greetings from CECP: The CEO Force for Good!

For the next stop on our Road Trip, we head to bustling New York City to join 52 of the world’s leading CEOs at CECP’s 13th annual Board of Boards. CECP is a CEO-led coalition that works to create a better world through business, and this visit is particularly special to us because CECP was founded by Paul Newman in 1999.

As we walk into the conference room and marvel at the city’s skyscrapers through the windows, we can immediately feel the excitement and energy as some of the most active leaders in the business world convene for a series of board meeting-style conversations to exchange ideas and share best practices. We watch as these CEOs collaborate to carry on Paul Newman’s belief that corporations can be a force for good in society.

During our visit, attendees discuss a number of issues that affect just about all companies: recognizing diversity in the workforce, managing skills and resources, and planning long-term strategy and growth. The dialog is engaging, and we can see that there’s real value emerging from the exchange of ideas and insights.

As the day wraps up, the men and women shake hands, say their goodbyes, and disperse to travel back to their respective companies to share what they learned.

With the help of Newman’s Own Foundation, these CEOs gather year after year, which helps empower corporations to be a force for good, and we’re happy to have experienced this year’s annual Board of Boards as a stop on our Road Trip.

Read about our other stops on the Road Trip Blog or scroll through the map to see where we have been.

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