Go Propeller

Nestled in a city known for its rich culture, delicious food, lively jazz scene, and Mardi Gras is Propeller, a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs tackle social and environmental inequities in water, food, health, and education. We make our way to the heart of New Orleans, where we find the Propeller Incubator, a 10,000 square foot coworking space where the Propeller community comes together.

Propeller’s coworking space is home to over 50+ organizations and 100+ individuals.

We’re greeted by Executive Director Andrea Chen who takes us on a tour of the building with its unique pops of color, floor to ceiling windows, and plenty of desks, offices, and conference rooms. We settle in the lounge area to learn more about what Propeller does.

Propeller operates is programs for entrepreneurs out of its 10,000 square foot coworking space.

Andrea shares that Propeller connects businesses and nonprofits to mentors in financial planning, HR, marketing, and design to increase their financial sustainability and impact. In addition to supporting local food businesses through their programs, the organization is also working on initiatives that increase access to healthy foods for all New Orleanians.

Propeller graduate entrepreneur VEGGI Farmers Cooperative supports Vietnamese farmers in New Orleans East.

We are particularly interested to hear more about the Healthy Corner Store Collaborative, a program Propeller runs in partnership with the City of New Orleans and two local nonprofits, Top Box Foods and Liberty’s Kitchen. The program offers business sustainability for local corner store owners while also bringing in more fresh, healthy food for customers.

Former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu at the grand opening of Danny Food Store, a participant in the Propeller-run Healthy Corner Store Collaborative

As we wrap up our day at the Propeller Incubator, we learn that since 2011, Propeller has worked with 200 entrepreneurs, who have created jobs for 460 New Orleanians. We look forward to seeing these numbers continue to grow.

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