The Gateway to Learning

St. Louis is most famous for the Gateway Arch, but for local children who have learning differences, Miriam School and Miriam Academy are landmarks of even greater significance. Today, we’re lucky to have the chance to tour Miriam with someone who knows the school very well—current student Devlin Riney.

Devlin and momDevlin and his mother, Heather, greet us at the front doors of Miriam Academy, which serves students in grades 9-12. Right away, we’re blown away by their enthusiasm and appreciation for the school. We can tell this is a place where Devlin feels happy and comfortable.

As we walk down the hallways to Devlin’s classroom, we learn that over the years Devlin has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Heather tells us that growing up, Devlin had few friends and struggled to keep up in the traditional classroom setting. He became more and more isolated, and it was clear something had to change. A friend recommended Miriam, and Heather knew right away that it was exactly where Devlin belonged.

She was right. Devlin found his home at Miriam. “When I drop Devlin off, I sometimes find myself tearing up because I am so thankful for Miriam. The staff not only understand him, they embrace him. Devlin thinks outside of the box, and the teachers know how to encourage him…His experience at Miriam has given me confidence that Devlin has a chance at a really great life, with friends and love. Miriam is the difference between surviving and thriving,” Heather shares.Devlin reading

We’re grateful to have met Devlin and Heather and to have stopped by this amazing school that is making a difference in Devlin’s life and the lives of nearly 1000 other students with learning differences in St. Louis.

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