Feeding Fairfield County

For the next stop on our Road Trip, we’re close to home at the Bridgeport Rescue Mission (BRM) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. When we arrive, we head straight to the dining room, where lunch is being served to the homeless and hungry of Fairfield County. We sit down at a table with a few guests to hear more about what’s brought them in today.

Mobile Kitchens bring delicious and nutritious meals to neighbors in need

Our new friends who we are seated with, let us know that they are thankful for the opportunity to visit BRM every day. These on-site meals are served three times a day all year round, so guests are sure to get a hot meal even when it’s cold or snowing outside.

In fact, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission serves over 550,000 meals each year to men, women, and children in coastal Fairfield County. We learn that in addition to the on-site meals, BRM has a few other ways of getting food to those in need.

Mobile Kitchen: The Mobile Kitchen brings delicious fresh-cooked meals to families living in the Bridgeport or Norwalk low-income neighborhoods.

Food Pantry: Open on weekdays, the Pantry is the largest in the region. It offers groceries, fresh produce, meat, and bread to food-insecure families.

Great ThanksGiving Project: The annual Great ThanksGiving Project provides frozen turkeys, other Thanksgiving favorites, and winter coats to 3,200 families in need.

BRM also helps facilitate programs like Norwalk Summer Lunch, when donors come together to make meals for children at Norwalk Learning Centers. We’re impressed by all the creative ways BRM makes sure the residents of coastal Fairfield County don’t go hungry.

fresh food
Retail partners help bring fresh produce to families in need

It’s been a great visit to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and we’re happy to help support them as they bring delicious and nutritious meals to our neighbors in need.

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