Meet Mary at CET Public Television

We’ve arrived in the Buckeye State, and we’re on our way to Cincinnati for a stop at the CET Public Television, Cincinnati’s PBS station, where we will be meeting Executive Producer Mark Lammers and Learning Services Manager Jason Dennison. CET was established in the 1950s with the purpose of sharing educational programming with the Greater Cincinnati area. Now, over 60 years later, CET continues to positively impact millions of Ohio residents through programming, workshops, volunteer efforts, and community engagement.

After more two years with the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab program, Mary Williams is pretty comfortable at CET Public Television.

We drive down Central Parkway, pull up to a large brick office building across the street from the Cincinnati Music Hall, park in the garage underneath, and make our way inside CET’s headquarters. We meet Mark and Jason, who take us on a tour of the building. Along the way, we also run into Mary Williams, who has stopped by in between her film classes at the University of Cincinnati where she is a first-year student.

Mark and Jason are excited to see Mary, so we all sit down to learn more about her story. Mary tells us that she first became involved with CET when she was in 10th grade at Hughes STEM High School (part of Cincinnati Public Schools). She signed up for the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program so she could pursue her passion for storytelling. The program gave her the opportunity to create a few videos about issues in Cincinnati, and some of her stories were posted to the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs website.

Mary Williams gets ready for a remote interview with Jacob Knorr, a medical student in Cleveland, about EnableUC, a club he helped found while an undergrad at the University of Cincinnati. EnableUC is a student-run, a non-profit, open-source, prosthetic and assistive device incubator that utilizes 3D printing to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine.

Fueled by what she learned in the Lab and eager to continue reporting, Mary collaborated with Mark and Jason on an intensive and touching local video project. All of Mary’s hard work paid off when PBS NewsHour broadcast her story, How a 3-D printed hand gave this girl the gift of play, this past September.

We enjoyed meeting Mary and hearing about her journey as a public television reporter. We look forward to seeing everything she will accomplish in college and beyond.

Newman’s Own Foundation’s yearlong challenge grant was created to encourage support for CET so that other students can also have the opportunity to make a positive impact through the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and other programs throughout the Greater Cincinnati region.

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