Let’s Grow Healthy with the Resolution Project

We’re journeying into the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles to Canoga Park, a neighborhood classified as a food desert. Our destination is a community garden run by Frida Endinjok and her team at Let’s Grow Healthy, who have partnered with the program Champions for Change to build 18 community gardens so far. Let’s Grow Healthy fosters lifelong healthy eating habits for children through hands-on learning opportunities.

Frida’s program has been around since 2016, when she pitched her idea at The Resolution Project’s Social Venture Challenge, a competition that gives college-age social entrepreneurs the chance to compete for Fellowships that provide seed funding, mentorship, and access to a network of global advisory resources. Frida won a Fellowship and soon enough, Let’s Grow Healthy was established; since then, the program has taught gardening and nutrition to more than 1,300 children.

As we arrive, we find Frida in the garden teaching a group of local children about proper nutrition. When the kids head off to help water the plants, we take a tour around the garden with Frida, and she tells us a little more about Let’s Grow Healthy.

Frida says, “The most amazing part of working on this venture is knowing that I have planted the seed of health in every single child. I am amazed by watching them grow while their garden vegetables grow.”

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