An Edible Schoolyard Grows in Brooklyn

Our next journey begins with the sights of tall rows of corn, beans, and squash which lead the way to seemingly endless raised beds of mixed greens, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs like molokhia and basil. We hear the clucking and chattering of chickens in a coop. You might think you are in America’s Great Plains, or on a small rural farm in an unpopulated area, but you’d be surprised to know we are making our way through Gravesend, Brooklyn near Coney Island to Public School 216.

The flourishing garden we find ourselves in used to be a cement parking lot until Edible Schoolyard NYC transformed the area into a half-acre organic garden. Students learn to grow and harvest around 160 different types of fruits, grains, herbs, and vegetables.

We’re met by Edible Schoolyard NYC’s Executive Director Kate Brashares, and she shows us around the garden, greenhouse, and the outdoor classroom. It’s the perfect setup for students to get a hands-on gardening and cooking education.

Kate tells us that Gravesend was a natural choice for establishing Edible Schoolyard NYC’s inaugural Demonstration School because the neighborhood has the third lowest percentage of open green space in Brooklyn. Today, P.S. 216 has become a model for edible education and serves as Edible Schoolyard NYC’s hub for developing new curriculum and sharing best practices with other educators.

Through support from Newman’s Own Foundation, Edible Schoolyard NYC continues to expand and refine their Demonstration Schools model to benefit all of its programs, and by extension, students, families, and communities throughout NYC. We’re proud to work with an organization that’s making a difference for tens of thousands of students.

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