Visiting CT Schoolyards

Today we’ve been invited to Brennan Rogers School in New Haven, Connecticut, to participate in their Outdoor Day, which is organized and run by the CT Schoolyards Program at Common Ground.

When we arrive, we are greeted by several eager third and fourth graders as well as Schoolyards Program Manager Suzannah Holsenbeck and Schoolyards Program Coordinator Kendra Dawsey. They’re all ready to begin their day of fun and learning outside, and we’re excited to be joining them.

Suzannah and Kendra lead us to the school’s garden beds, where several students and teachers have already begun working. We spend the morning gardening before taking a break for lunch, which is a kale salad that the third and fourth graders have helped harvest and prepare.

As we enjoy the fresh food, Suzannah and Kendra tell us more about the CT Schoolyards Program. They work with 19 New Haven schools to plant garden beds and educate students about the importance of healthy living. Recently, they taught three special needs classes how to plant vegetables in handicap accessible garden beds at East Rock School. They also just finished installing three new garden beds and a huge insect hotel with all the kindergarten through eighth graders at Bishop Woods School.

As we wrap up a productive day at Brennan Rogers School, Suzannah and Kendra are already thinking about their next Outdoor Day, and we know the next group of students will have just as much fun as we did.

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