Happiness Is Camping

A Camp for Kids with Cancer since 1982

As we pull into the driveway of Happiness Is Camping, we’re greeted by the fun and chaos seen in summer camps across the country. Children are splashing in the pool, and sounds of laughter and play break the quiet of the peaceful country setting. But at this camp, the chance for these children to enjoy typical playful activities is extra magical.

Happiness Is Camping provides free summer camp to children with cancer and their siblings. Many of the campers are on active cancer treatment and are too sick to attend other camps. But Happiness Is Camping makes sure to treat these children just like other kids.

Each day begins with the raising of the flag at 8 a.m., and campers spend the day riding the zip line, climbing the climbing wall, shooting archery, and more. For many children, these events are the first physical activity they’ve done since their cancer diagnosis. Throughout the day, campers can receive chemotherapy and pain management therapy in the health center, rest, and then rejoin their friends at camp activities.

Children at Happiness Is Camping leave the hospital and have fun at a camp where no one is judged for a bald head or a prosthetic limb. Camp helps these children develop friendships and focus on their personal development. Most importantly, it brings smiles back to the faces of children with cancer. Simply put, Happiness Is Camping allows children to live again. 

Last summer marked Happiness Is Camping’s 37th year of providing free camp to these most special of campers, and Newman’s Own Foundation has provided funding to their camp program from the very beginning. 

Check out other stops on our road trip here or by clicking on the map below.

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